Valentini Stone, Vegetation & Residue
Buriers, Inverters, Seed Bed Preparators

Multi-Purpose Functionality:
Shop Convertible From Burier To Rotary Tiller
Stone & Residue Inversion & Seed Bed Preparation for:
Produce Residue & Cover Crop Incorporation,
Unharvested Sod, Fire Break Development,
Pasture Renovation, Single Pass Grading & More!

Sample Field Images of AU6200 Burier/Inverter In Initial Tillage, and Early Crop Emergence
This Demo Work Was Performed In The Worst Portion Of A Large Southern Peanut Farm. Previously, Anywhere From 3 to 9 Passes Were Made, BUT Only One Pass With The Valentini Burier/Inverter Was Made, and That One Pass Produced Better Tillage & Blending Results In One Efficient & Beautiful Effort!!! Valentini’s PTO Powered Tillage Equipment Usually Pays For Itself In The First Year, Just From Savings From Tillage Activities: Less Hours on those expensive tractors, Less fuel consumption, Less maintenance, Less Expensive Attachments (One vs 3 to 4!), Less Switching of Attachments, and of course, the two biggest paybacks, Much Better Yields, and Much, Much Less Operator Time = Much, Much Better Overall Results!!!
Our Valentini Stone & Vegetation Buriers, Inverters, Seed Bed Preperators Offer Dramatic Efficiencies, Superior Results, Personal Pay Backs & Environmental Benefits That Are Out Of This World:
Dramatic Efficiencies & Superior Results:
Personal Paybacks:
The Obvious Environmental Benefits:
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