Valentini ‘SSQ’ Series 3-Point ‘Folding’ Rotary Tillers

Valentini Tractor 3 Point Super Squalo Rotary Tillers
‘SSQ’ Series Folding Tiller Shown with Center Ripper Shank, Optional Side Discs, Tire Track Eradicator Shanks & Hyd Adjusted Toothed Roller


As with ALL Valentini Rotary Tillers, the 'SQ' Series Tiller Is Quick-Hitch Compatible, and has been providing Excellent Soil Conditioning Results in all types of soils! In Applications varying from Agricultural Use, to Construction Applications, to Landscaping Services, and in some of the most unconventional settings, Valentini has proven to have Bullet Proof Reliability, while producing Excellent Results in One Pass! Whether your ground conditions have Standing Vegetation, or Imbedded Residue, Rocks, Stones or Hard Dirt Clods, expect to get the results you want with Valentini Tillers!


  • Quick Hitch Compatible, Cat 3, 3-Point Hitch.
  • 1000RPM Large Sump Gearbox.
  • 6 Blades per Flange.
  • Oil Bath Side Gear Drive.
  • Two Unique Scraper Blades on End Flanges Protect Seals & Prevent Vegetation Wrapping.
  • Unique & Patented Labyrinth Seals Ensure Bearings are Protected from Dirt!
  • Skid Shoes for Working Depth Adjustment.
  • Multi-Position, Adjustable Rear Gates with Built-In Shock Absorption.
  • Front & Side Safety Guards for Personnel & Equipment Protection.

Valentini Super S PTO Powered Roto Tiller
‘SSQ’ Series Folding Tiller Shown with Optional Hydraulically Adjusted Gage Wheels

Valentini Super S PTO Powered Rotary Tillers
‘SSQ’ Series Folding Tiller Shown with Optional Side Plates & Hydraulically Adjusted Gage Wheels:
Side Plates Contain Soil & Gage Wheels Provide Recessed Path to Produce 3” to 4” Tall Raised Beds.

Provides Superior Working Depth Adjustment & Soil Conditioning.
Available with Manual or Hydraulic Adjustment.
Use the Hydraulic Adjustment Option & Control Working Depth Adjustment From Your Tractors Operator Station On-The-Fly!

Valentini Hermes Roto Tiller Cage Roller
Shown on Z-Series Tiller w/Hyd. Depth Adjustment
Also Shown in Second Video Above

Valentini Hermes Roto Spiral Roller
Shown on Maxi-D Power Harrow with Hydraulic Depth Adjustment

Valentini Hermes PTO Powered Tiller Packer Roller
Shown on A-Series Tiller w/Manual Depth Adjustment
Also Shown in First Video Above

Valentini Rotary Tiller Basket Roller
Shown on U-Series Tiller w/Manual Depth Adjustment

Valentini Roto Tiller Flat Roller

Additional Rollers Available (photos not available):
  • Smooth Roller
  • Blade Roller
  • Spike Roller
  • Toothed Roller

MODEL 3700 4200 4700 5200
Tractor Horsepower 170 - 270 HP 170 - 270 HP 190 - 270 HP 220 - 270 HP
Working Width 148" 168" 188" 208"
Overall Width 158" 178" 198" 218"
Quantity of Blades 84 96 108 120
Rotor Diameter 21.25"
Working Depth 11"
Rotor Speed 253RPM's
Blade Tip Speed 310 RPM
Weight 4,510 lbs. 4,840 lbs. 5,170 lbs. 5,500 lbs.
Weights are Less Rollers, Pallets, Crates & PTO Shaft.
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice