LS7101 Tractor with
Peruzzo Tri-Deck Flail Mower w/16’-6” Cutting Width!
Choose 5000G Grooming Mower, or 5000R Rough Cut Mower
Also Choose Orange or Green!
(One only at this price)

LS7101 Tractor with Peruzzo Tri-Deck, 16'6" Cutting Width Flail Mower

5000 Series TriFlex Shown in Transport Position.
For Safety & Ergonomic Convenience; Excellent Visibility is Still Available Directly Behind the Tractor & Mower!
2 Gage Wheels Standard on ‘R’ Series
Large, Forged & Hardened Hammer Blades
As with ALL Peruzzo Flail Mowers, These Large Area Peruzzo TriFlex Mowers Are Also Universal!
Two Models, Each With Different Blade Types are Offered For Application Efficiency:
Use The ‘G’ Series Grooming Mower For:
Beautiful Groomed, Manicured Results In The Efficiency of a Single Pass On:
Sod Farms, Recreational Turf, Golf Course Fairways, Grass Airstrips & Aisleways,
Municipal, Commercial & Private Green Spaces, Lawns & Turf!

The 5000G ‘Grooming TriFlex’ is available with Forged & Hardened Hammer Blades, or with ‘Y’ Blades!
Use the ‘Y’ Blades for least demand transfer to your Tractor, allowing smaller/lower hp tractors to be used on turf.
Also use the 5000G Series if Verticutting is a desired option, and with the ‘Y’ Blades, if Rough Cutting with lower hp tractors!
Use the Hammer Blades for a Flat & Carpet like Finish Cut, and a bit longer blade life,
or if Rough Cutting in areas free of debris!
Use The ‘R’ Series Rough Cut Mower For:
Excellent Rough Cutting, Land Clearing & Maintenance Results In The Efficiency of a Single Pass On:
The Tallest, Thickest, Most Demanding Stands of Vegetation in Fields, On Highway & Roadside Shoulders, Medians & Ditches,
In Right of Way Mowing & Clearing, For Cover Crop, or Unharvested Produce Mulching, and Much, Much More!

The 5000R ‘Rough Cut TriFlex’ is available with Large Forged & Hardened Hammer Blades Only!
Use the Larger Hammer Blades for Rigorous Rough Cutting on Tractors with Sufficient hp,
and also in areas Where Debris, and other Trash may be present! These Larger Blades perform well
in Finish Cutting applications too, but for the best finish cut, the Blades must be as sharp as possible!

Peruzzo Flail Mowers Are The Safest & Most Efficient Mowers Available:
With Peruzzo Flail Mowers, The Possibility of Discharging Dangerous Projectiles is Dramatically Reduced Compared to Conventional Rotary Mowers, and With The Reduced Machine Depth & Weight, They're The Easiest For Your Tractor to Handle! As Mentioned Previously, Rear Visibility is Another Indispensable Safety Feature. Plus, the Superior ‘Single-Pass’ Cut of Peruzzo Flail Mowers Provides New Efficiencies By Eliminating Multiple Passes For Excellent Results!

Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice