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Westendorf Dump Spreader

A Simple Electronic Flow Control Allows Operation from the Comfort of the Cab. Adjust the Dial to Regulate the Dump Speed in Relation to the Speed of the Expellers for an Aggressive and Consistent Spreading Pattern.

Dual Action Expellers Scoop and Spread Material Approximately 20'. This Hydraulically Powered System Allows Better Shut Off and Prevents Beater Backlash. The Smooth Continuous Welded Box Has no Seams for Material to Get Caught On. Material Moves Easily on the Super-Slick Industrial Grade Finish for Fast Unloading.

There are NO Aprons, No Chains, No Seals, No Tracks and No Worries with the Dump Spreader from Westendorf. It Doesn't Have a Rear Gate with Seals or Tracks that Can Leak or Chains and Aprons that Can Freeze-Up Even in the Coldest of Climates.

Unlike a Dump Truck, Where the Center of Gravity Moves Out Past the Rear Wheels, the Dump Spreader has a Unique Dump Motion that Utilizes Hydraulic Arms and Cylinder with a High Pivot Mount to Maintain a Low Center of Gravity. As a Result the Spreader Remains Balanced and Steady at All Heights and Over Rough Terrain.

The Dump Spreader Can be Used for Many Applications, not Just Manure. It Will Work Great as a Dump Box to Haul Snow, Sand, Wood Chips, Tobacco Waste, Lime and More....

With Over 70 Years Manufacturing Wagon Gears, the 12-Ton Gear on the Dump Spreader is Built to Last. Quickly Mounts on Any 3 Pt. Hitch. The Tongue has a Built-In Sturdy Support Stand that Swings Out of the Way for Transport. Struck Capacity is 270 cu. ft. or 216 Bushels.

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