Peruzzo's 'Puma' Series Flail Mowers

  • Flail Mowers for 35 to 60HP Tractors.
  • Center & Offset Mountable.
  • Front & Rear 3-Point Hitch Mountable.

The PUMA Flail Mower is Suitable for any mowing or mulching application. Whether it’s simple manicuring of grass, mulching of tall, thick & heavy stands of vegetation, or mulching of pruning’s, expect Peruzzo Flail Mowers (w/the highest population of Blades and a high speed rotor) to provide excellent results!

The Fixed, Center Mounted 1600 (60") & 1800 (72") Models are available only with 'Y' Type Blades, while the Offsetable 1800 (72") Model is available with either the 'Y' Type or Solid Cast Hammer Blades. Peruzzo's 'Y' Blades are 5/32" Thick & Double Sided, while the Solid Cast Hammer Blades are Sharpenable.

Traditional suspension of Flail Mowers is with a Rigid Connector to the 3-Point, While the Rear Roller Suspends the Deck. The Puma Series has slotted 3-Point Pin Holes to Allow a 'Floating Connection' to Allow the Mower to Follow the Contour of the Terrain, instead of following a Rigid Tractor Connection. The Gage Wheels shown in some photos are optional, and will contribute to a 'Floating Connection & Deck', often contributing to a better cut.

Peruzzo Puma Series Offsetable Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series Front Mount Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series Front PTO Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series Rear Mount Produce Residue Mowers

Peruzzo Puma Series Tractor Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series 3 Point Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series Tractor 3 Point Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series PTO Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series 3Pt Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series Front Flail Mower

Peruzzo Puma Series Front Forage Mowers

Peruzzo Puma Tractor Fraise Mowers


A) 4mm (5/32") 'Y' Blades.
B) 4mm (5/32") with Verticut Blades.
C) 3mm (1/8") Hardox Verticut Blade.
D) Solid Cast Steel Hammer Blade.
E) Formed Steel Hammer Blade - Can be used with Verticut Blades.

MODEL 1600 1800 1800 Y Blades 1800 Hammer Blades
Horsepower 35-60HP 40-60HP 40-60HP 40-60HP
Working Width 60" 72" 72" 72"
Number of Flail Blades 96 (48 Pairs) 116 (58 Pairs) 48 58
Weight 671 lbs. 726 lbs. 671 lbs. 726 lbs.
RPM 540 - 1000
Overall Width 73" 85" 85" 85"
Overall Length 32"
Overall Height 30"
Maximum Cutting Diameter 1.5" 1.5" 1.5" 2.5"
Specifications Are Subject to Change Without Notice