Naarva Felling Heads

Felling: The Naarva felling head takes a standing tree, cuts it, and places the stem to the ground, or onto a trailer.

Removal of limbs: The grapple jaws on the felling head are sharpened on the top surface. The felling head can also, in certain conditions, be used as a de-limber by loosely grabbing the tree while it is still standing, and lifting the head up along the trunk. This makes the stem easier to handle and transport. The accumulating felling heads do not have capabilities for de-limbing.

Bucking the tops: One can start cutting the tree to length from the top, while the tree is standing. One can first buck off the top, and then cut the stem to desired lengths.

The Grip: The grapple jaws can be used independently of the cutter. The jaws can also be used for loading, and the felling head can even be used for feeding a wood chipper.

Mounting the felling head: The felling head is mounted onto the log loaders rotator, replacing the loader's grapple. No additional hydraulics are required, as the felling head gets its power from the same hoses that opened and closed the grapple. The oil flow is split by solenoids which directs the oil to either the cutting action, gripping, or the tilting of the tree. The solenoids are controlled electrically from the cabin. The felling head requires 12V DC to operate the solenoids.

The cutting mechanism: The Naarva-Grip has a strong guillotine type cutter, and requires very little servicing of the machine. Trees can be cut close to the ground, as the guillotine design, unlike felling heads using chains, is not easily damaged by sand, dirt, or rocks. One can even cut trees that are under snow or moss. The Naarva-Grip has no chains to sharpen or bars to replace.

The guillotine frame surrounds the tree completely before the blade starts cutting. The guillotine leaves a clean and smooth cutting surface. Stumps can be cut short, so they do not cause damage to the tires of the harvesting machinery.


Naarva-Grip 1000-23 - For cutting and loading of pulpwood and firewood.
The felling head can be mounted on normal farm tractor mounted log loaders. The grapple is removed from the loader, and the cutting head is mounted in its place. The cutting head comes complete with a electrically controlled hydraulic system, which enables the cutting and the tilting functions. The electric cable that controls the valve uses 12 volt DC, and is mounted to run along the booms of the loader. When ordering, one must tell the dimensions of the hookup to the rotator.

Naarva-Grip 1500-25
A felling head suitable for use on farm tractor loaders, forwarders and heavier forestry machines.

Naarva-Grip 1500-40
A felling head suitable for use on harvester chassis, such as excavators.

Model: 1000-23 1500-25 1500-40
Weight 440 lbs. 660 lbs. 1,110 lbs.
Cutting Diameter 9" 9.8" 12-1/2" (one tree)
15" - 19" (cluster of trees)
Loading Grapple Opening 23-1/2" 35.4" 35.4"
Height (in felling position) 27-1/2" 47-1/4" 51-1/16"
Cutting Force (approx.) 10.4 Tons at 2175 PSI 10.4 Tons at 2175 PSI 13.2 Tons at 2175 PSI
17.6 Tons at 3190 PSI
Oil Flow Recommendations 10 - 18 GPM 10.5 - 18 GPM 21 - 40 GPM
Oil Pressure Recommendations 2465 - 2900 PSI Max. 3190 PSI

The cutting capacity is for conifers. When harvesting hardwoods the cutting capacity is 30% less.


The accumulating felling head cuts off and collects the stems in the grapple. Stems from diffrent locations can be bundled.

Naarva-Grip 1500-25E
The 1500-25E can be used on heavy tractor loaders, harvesters, forwarders and excavators.

Naarva-Grip 1500-40E
The 1500-40E can be used on excavators, harvesters and forwarders.

Naarva-Grip 1600-40
The 1600-40 can be used on excavators, harversters or a heavy forwarder loaders.

Model: Weight Max. Cutting Diameter, Force At 2610 PSI Height in Felling Position Grapple Opening Max. Opening of Accumulating Unit Required Pressure & Oil Flow
1000-23E 570 lbs. 9" 45.2" 23.6" 25.5" 2460 - 2900 PSI
10 - 18 GPM
1500-25E 860 lbs. 9.8" 37.4" 35.4" 35.4" 2460 - 2900 PSI
13 - 23 GPM
1500-25EH 950 lbs. 9.8" 37.4" 34.4" 35.4" 2460 - 2900 PSI
13 - 23 GPM
1500-40E 1,235 lbs. 12.5" 48" 35.4" 35.4" 2460 - 2900 PSI
21 - 42 GPM
1600-40 1,320 lbs. 12.5" 65" 35.4" 35.4" 2460 - 2900 PSI
21 - 42 GPM

The cutting capacity is for conifers. When harvesting hardwoods the cutting capacity is 30% less.