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Kasco's Drills & Seeders Have Three Different Seedbox/Seed Metering Systems Available

PRIMARY SEEDBOX: This Is a Large Seedbox Utilizing the Crustbuster Metering System. It Will Accurately Meter a Wide Variety of Seeds, from Tiny Seeds Like Clover or Bermuda Grass, Mid-Range Seeds Such as Wheat, Rye, or Oats, to Larger Seeds Such as Corn, Soybeans, and Chufa. An Agitator Can be Added to the Primary Seedbox.

LEGUME BOX: The Legume Box is a Much Smaller Box, Having the Same Crustbuster Metering System as the Primary Seedbox. It will Handle the Same Seed Sizes/Varieties as the Primary Seedbox. The Legume Box is Usually Used as a Secondary Box with Either the Primary Seedbox or the Native Grass Box. The Legume Box Allows Two Different Sized Seeds to be Planted at the Same Time with Different Seeding Rates. Since the Legume Box is Small, the Drill Frame Does Not Need to be Lengthened to Accomodate It.

NATIVE GRASS BOX: (Also Called WARM SEASON GRASS BOX): This is a Large Box, with Kasco's Patented 'Positive Feed" Metering System. Native (Warm Season) Grasses Normally Consist of Little Blue Stem, Native (Warm Season) Grass Seeds are Fluffy or Fuzzy, and Will Not Feed Through a Standard Metering System. Since the Native (Warm Season) Grasses will Not Feed Through if the Flow is Restricted, a Three Speed Gearbox is Necessary to Change Seeding Rates with this System. Using this Native (Warm Season) Grass Box is not Recommended for Seeding Anything Except Native (Warm Season) Grasses.