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Horst Header Wagons

Isn't it time your header wagon is able to trail smoothly and turn sharply? Horst introduces the new CHC Header Wagon Series. Based on Horst's sturdy running gear design, the new CHC series has all the features for worry-free road travel plus exclusive advantages making it easy to manage your combine head.

Trailer sway is virtually eliminated on the CHC Series with the use of tapered roller bearings in all main pivot points, including the king pins and the steering pivot joint. Standard heavy grade tires and an optional road signal light kits make these wagons even safer for traveling between fields.

Turning corners and entering fields has never been easier with the new 4-Wheel Steer model available. Loading and unloading is also a simple task with Horst's exclusive quick release header shoes and adjustable top rail.

Take advantage of a better built header wagon and have the reassurance your combine head is traveling safely and smoothly.

Quick Release Header Mount
Easily reposition the header mount by simply lowering the over-centre locking handles.

Ratchet Strap
The durable ratchet strap secures the head and prevents shifting and bouncing during road travel.

Adjustable Top Rail
Makes sure wagon fits most sizes and models of combine heads.

Tapered Roller Bearings in Main Pivot Points
Roller Bearings keep pivot points tight, ensuring no trailer sway and long-lasting use.

Road Signal Light Kit (optional)
Make road travel safer by adding the road signal light kit which includes brake, turning and hazard lights.

  Regular Duty 2 Wheel Steer Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Steer
Rated Capacity 10,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs. 15,500 lbs. 15,500 lbs. 15,500 lbs.
Tracking Width
(Center of Tires)
79" 79" 76" 76" 76"
Tires: 20.5 x 8-10 12 ply Standard Standard --- --- ---
Tires: 11L x 15 12 ply
(Hwy. Service)
Optional Optional Standard Standard Standard
Tongue Length ADJ. 11 to 13' ADJ. 11 to 13' ADJ. 11 to 15' ADJ. 11 to 15' ADJ. 11 to 15'
Top Bar Length 20' 30' 20' 30' 36'
Safety Chain Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Light Kit Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Shipping Weight 1,300 lbs. 1,400 lbs. 2,050 lbs. 2,170 lbs. 2,240 lbs.

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