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Bush Hog Pulverizers & Pluggers

Bush Hog Pulverizers

After the heavy material has been removed, a Bush Hog Pulverizer becomes the perfect tool to prepare a seedbed. The steel shanks break up compacted soil, while the heavy roller pulverizes large clumps and prepares the area for seeding. This tool is ideal for the professional landscaper / contractor who requires clean, level ground in one pass. Available in 60, 72 and 84 inch widths, with one or two rollers and featuring a Category I hitch, there is sure to be a Bush Hog Pulverizer to match your requirements.

Bush Hog Pluggers

The Bush Hog Pluggers are literally designed to get to "the root of the problem." The 3/4-inch spoons provide excellent soil penetration, allowing nutrients and air to reach the turf's root system. A 1-1/4 inch diameter shaft with greaseable sleeves supports the independent hubs. The frame is designed as a weight box so that additional weight may be added to increase down pressure when the soil is heavily compacted. All models are rated for tractors up to 60 PTO HP with a Category I three point hitch. Optional slicing knives are also available.

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