Bush Hog Tractor 3-Point Backhoes

Bush Hog's Brawny New Line of Backhoes all Feature Curved Booms that Provide Greater Operator Visibility, Larger Range of Motion, Easier Trailering, and Superior Digging Performance. They are Designed to Deliver Years of Exceptional Performance Under Tough and Continuous Working Conditions.

Engineered for Maximum Strength and Durability, Bush Hog Backhoes are Constructed of High-Grade Steel that Delivers More Powerful Digging Forces While Requiring Less Maintenance. Yet, Even Though Our Backhoes are Built to be Tough at the Job Site, They are Designed to be Easy on the Operator. From Comfortable Seating and Spacious Footrests, to Precise, Fluid Movements and Smooth Operation, You’ll feel the Bush Hog Difference Immediately.


  • Reinforcing Plates in High-Stress Areas.
  • 4-Point Mount for Rigid Connection (75CBH & 85CBH).
  • Cast Bucket Linkage.
  • Regular and Commercial-Duty Buckets.
  • Tubular Designed Stabilizers.
  • Cast Flip-Over Stabilizer Pads.
  • Robotic Welds with Consistent Penetration.
  • Reinforced Buckets.


  • High Quality Cylinders.
  • Curved Boom Backhoes That Match the Sleek Styling and Performance of Today's Tractors.
  • Curved Boom Provides Greater Visibility Into the Digging Area.
  • Designed for Homeowner, Commercial and Industrial Contractors, and AG Applications with Outstanding Performance!
  • Heavy Duty Cast Stabilizer Pads and Bucket Linkages for Greater Durability.
  • Box Construction of Dipperstick.
  • Heavy-Duty Booms.
  • Fewer Moves are Required for Trenching or Close-Up Work!
  • Easier to Dig Over Obstructions!
  • Powder Coat Paint Available in a Variety of Colors.
  • High Ground Clearance for Easy Transporting.
  • Range of Mounting Options.
  • Largest Operators’ Station in Class.
  • Optional Mechanical Thumb for Pick-Up and Placement of Objects.
  • Available in Four Models with Digging Depth of 6', 7.5' 8.5' & 9.5'.

Bush Hog® Backhoes Feature Cast Reversible Stabilizer Pads to Fit Most Applications. Optional Rubber “Street Pads” are Available for Use on Paved or Concrete Surfaces. “Bigfoot” Dirt Pads are also Available for Added Stability in Loose Soil Conditions.

Bush Hog® 75CBH, 85CBH, and 95CBH Backhoes Use Two Hydraulically Cushioned Swing Cylinders to Provide 180° of Swing with Plenty of Power in Both Directions! The 60CBH Backhoe Uses a Single Hydraulically Cushioned Swing Cylinder to Achieve 150° of Swing, while Maintaining Power in Both Directions!

Every Backhoe Bucket features Replaceable Teeth for Aggressive Digging and Weld On Wear Strips for Outstanding Wear Protection and Strength. 60CBH Buckets are Available in 9”, 12”, and 16” Widths, While Buckets for the Three Larger Models are Available in 9”, 12”, 16”, 18”, 24” and 36” Widths. Buckets are Interchangeable on the Three Larger Models.

Designed for Sub-Compact and Small Compact Tractors from 18 to 35 PTO HP, the 60CBH Backhoe is One Tough Machine! It's Superior Digging Forces and 2’ Flat Bottom Digging Depth of 72.5” Make this Bush Hog Suited for a Wide Range of Work Conditions. The 60CBH is Designed to be Mounted on a Sub-Frame for Rapid Installation and Removal.

The Sleek Lines of the 75CBH Make It an Outstanding Match for Compact Tractors Ranging from 25 to 45 PTO HP. With More than 2,800 Pounds of Bucket Digging Force and 90” Dig Depth, the 75CBH is a Lot More than Just Pretty Lines! It Gets the Job Done Quickly! The 75CBH Can be Mounted on a Sub-Frame for Quick Installation and Removal or With 3-Point Brackets, Adding to It's Versatility.

The 85CBH Fits Compact and Utility Tractors From 30 to 75 PTO HP. With It's 102” Digging Depth, the 85C is Used for a Wide Range of Jobs! The 85CBH can Provide More Than 4,100 Pounds of Bucket Digging Force and Can be Mounted on a Sub-Frame or On 3-Point.

The 95CBH Backhoe is Designed for Tractors From 40 to 90 PTO HP, and Can be Mounted on a Sub-Frame or 3-Point Brackets. The 95C has a 2’ Flat Bottom Digging Depth of 114”, Allowing it to Fill the Needs of a Wide Range of Backhoe Applications. With a Bucket Digging Force of Over 4,100 Pounds, this is the Bush Hog® Backhoe You Need to Blast Through the Biggest Jobs!

Models PTO 25 - 45 HP 30 - 75 HP 40 - 90 HP
Bucket Cylinder Digging Force 3,540 lbs. 3,860 lbs. 3,860 lbs.
Dipperstick Cylinder Digging Force 2,022 lbs. 2,183 lbs. 2,667 lbs.
Shipping Weight (Less Bucket) 1,014 lbs. 1,036 lbs. 1,100 lbs.
Hydraulic Volume Requirements 5 to 6 GPM 5 to 6 GPM 7 to 9 GPM
Hydraulic Pressure Requirements 2,150 PSI 2,500 PSI 2,500 PSI

A. Maximum Digging Depth (2' Flat Bottom) 90" 102" 114"
B. Swing Arc: 180o
C. Loading Height 69.9" 80" 91"
D. Reach to Bucket Teeth 117.6" 135.1" 148"
E. Transport Height (Maximum) 77.3" 86.1" 95.1"
F. Bucket Rotation: 180o
H. Transport Overhang: 45.4" 51.6" 55.4"
J. Stabilizer Spread, Down Position: 90"
K. Stabilizer Spread, Up Position: 53.75"
Specifications & Designs Are Subject to Change Without Notice