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Bradco Skid Steer Post Driver


  • Designed for smooth operation with no shock load back to the skid steer.
  • Operates off skid steer loader hydraulics, does not require separate pump and tank.
  • Quick change striker plate and collar assemblies.
  • Manual sideshift (12.65" left or right from center).
  • Post Driver will remain standing during storage or can be stored flat without damaging sheet metal components.
  • Lift hook location for entire unit.
  • Weight lock down latch lever.
  • Chain has a master link for easier service.
  • Oversized motor bearing supports drive sprocket, no shaft and bearing.
  • UHMW plastic wear surface can be changed without breaking the chain.
  • Operator has see through capability with weight raised and can see driver head and collar while operating.
  • Unit is hands free once posts are set.
  • Unit will accept striker plate and collar assemblies from PostMaster.
  • Can be used with Bradco Tilt-Attach.
  • Easy alignment of posts and does not mushroom posts.
  • Unit does not require setting of a flow control device.

A. Length 38.69"
B. Width 54.25"
C. Height 91.48"
Maximum Stroke 48"
Weight 1,360 lbs.
Hammer Weight Standard (Factory) 289 lbs.
Maximum Hammer Weight 600 lbs.
Strokes Per Minute 42"
Minimum Hydraulic Pressure 2000 PSI
Maximum Flow 24 GPM
Impact Energy at 289 lb. Weight 1,156 ft-lb
Impact Energy at 600 lb. Weight 2,400 ft-lb

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