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Ammbusher Skid Steer Street Swipe Blades

Currently in use cleaning construction and demolition sites, wet muddy streets, paved lots, stalls, animal pens and cargo barges. It can also be used in final grading for gravel driveways, landscaping where a danger exists of damaging water meters, concrete sidewalks, driveways and foundations. Won't hang up on curbs, manhole covers or steps in the pavement.

Mud, silt and river debris on flooded streets are quickly "squeegeed clean". Material or debris can be pushed straightforward and backward or windrowed by use of the power angle feature.

Not just for cleaning wet areas. On dry areas, a broom will create a large amount of unhealthy dust. Also brooms are expensive to repair. Not the Street Swipe! It cleans-up dried dirt and silica with a minimal amount of dust. Rubber edges are reasonably priced and easily replaced.

The Street Swipe is shipped complete. It is easily assembled with standard hand tools, and ready to hook up to any skid steer loader with a universal style attachment bracket. Hydraulic hose ends are the universal flat face type.

Street Swipe is equipped with four rubber edges. Rubber edges last 80-100 hours house in dry use and longer in a "wet" environment. After the front rubber edge is worn simply unpin the head assembly and reattach to the opposite side. When both of the bottom rubbers are worn, simply remove the bolts from the bar assembly then flip it to the two unused new rubber edges.

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