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Ammbusher Skid Steer Mowers

Ammbusher Model 601 / 720 Skid Steer Mowers
Models 601 & 720

Ammbusher Model DL66 Steer Mowers
Model DL66

Models 601 & 720

Because we were the first skid steer rotary cutter on the market you can count on our years of experience to handle your tough brush clearing. You will find out why the "original" Ammbusher rotary cutter is the most asked for rotary cutter since 1992.

Built from " A36 steel. Standard features are: Hoses and couplers, lift limit chain, "Hammerhead" stumpjumper with dual free swinging blades, non-slip step surface tape, universal tach and demolition door for the loader.

The Ammbusher Rotary Cutter is built to fit all brands of skid steer loaders. Hookup is quick and secure. It is available in 60" and 72" cutting widths. It is designed to make your skid steer loader more versatile, because the Ammbusher maneuvers easily through heavy brush, mulching trees and vegetation 3 to 4 inches in diameter with a cutting height up to 3 feet.

Our knowledge of skid steer hydraulic flows allows us to build your brushcutter to run at peak performance. As a safety feature, the hydraulic motor has a built in cushion valve for fast shut down. The cutters can be built to handle from 13 to 42 gallons per minute hydraulic flow. No switching hydraulic lines to reverse direction. All motors are bi-directional and blades are sharpened on both sides.

Safety features include a lift limit chain and a front chain curtain. A Lexan safety shield for the front of your loader is included with your purchase.

Equipped with a "Hammerhead" stumpjumper, this reinforced heavy-duty pan style carrier is built for dependability and durability

  Model 601 Model 720
Mower Weight 1,100 lbs. 1, 250 lbs.
Cutting Width 60" 72"
Cutting Capacity 3" - 4" Diameter 3" - 4" Diameter
Cutting Height 0' - 3' with Lift Limit Chain 0' - 3' with Lift Limit Chain
Deck Material 1/4" A36 Steel 1/4" A36 Steel
Blades 2 Blades 2 Blades
  • Front Wheel Assembly
  • High Flow 30-34 GPM for 5' & 6' cutters
  • High Flow 35-42 GPM for 6' cutters only
  • Taches other than universial
  • 2 and 4 blade bar type carrier

Model DL-66

The DL-66 is a heavy-duty rotary cutter built to handle extreme brush cutting jobs. A reinforced front push bar enables the operator to push over trees and cut brush up to 7" in diameter.

The DL-66 is built to fit any skid loader running 22 to 40 GPM. As you cut, the front chained intake door lifts and allows the tree to enter the blade area. There are no void areas on the underside of the deck to hold material. The extra 3/8" steel deck sides are reinforced and set on seven specially designed replaceable AR400 skid shoes.

Cutting Width 66"
Overall Width 70"
Overall Height 40-1/2"
Overall Length 81"
Weight 1,950 lbs.
Housing A-36 Steel Front Intake
Skid Shoes Replaceable AR400 Steel
Blade Carrier 1" Steel Cross Bar
Blades 4-12" Dual-sided Rotary Axe Blades
Motor Direct Drive Gear Motor, Bi-Directional
Hoses 1" Dia. w/Quick Disconnect Couplers
Loader Door Included in Price

WARNING: Because of the possibility of injury from thrown objects, all rotary cutters are potentially dangerous. Extreme caution must be exercised when operating along roadways or other locations where people may be present.

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